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In-Store Price Match

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In-store only.

Everyone loves a good deal and the internet is a great place to find one, but shopping online is not without it's problems. There is the ever present risk of online fraud, someone has to be in for delivery, things can get lost or damaged on the way to you and if you get a problem and need to send the item back then the saving you made can very quickly be wiped out.
Shopping in-store is great. You can get tonnes of free advice, you can touch and feel the item your interested in, you have a local warranty and best of all in many instances you can get the item fitted for free* Plus your supporting a local business which in turns employs local people.
(*unless one of our trained mechanic's is required to fit it in our workshop, then an additional workshop charge may occur)
The big downside of in-store? We all know it, it's price. More often than not the shop price will be higher than you can find it online. Well, not with us. We want your local business, we want you to support us, so we offer in-store price matching with online prices. No catches, no gimmicks, just straight forward online prices in-store with all the benefits of buying local thrown in for free!
As with all things in life there are some caveats and whilst we will always ALWAYS do our best to price match there will be the odd occasion when we can't. The rare times this happens though we can normally get our price to within 10% of your online price. So you have to ask yourself if the benefits of buying local are worth paying that little bit extra?

How to get a price match

  • First and foremost be ready to buy. There is no point asking for a price match when your just thinking about the purchase.
  • When your ready to buy call in to the store and lets deal. We absolutely WILL NOT do deals over email or the phone. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Bring proof of the online price with you. Items must be like for like, in-stock with the online retailers and our price match will include any shipping charges.
  • Don't be embarrassed to ask! We have no problem price matching, we're grateful every time we're asked as it shows us you'd rather put your business with us.
  • Once the deal is done if we have the item in stock you can take it away, if we need to order it in** we can deliver it or call you when it's in a few days later. (**A 15% deposit will be needed)
  • People who habitually ask for price matches but never purchase will be politely shown the door and we will decline all further price match requests.
  • If it is bicycle you want a price match on, please note it will be supplied in a box, just like from the mail order company, only partially assembled by the manufacturer and will be issued with a very limited warranty.  However, if the bicycle is already built or if you want us to build it for you then there will be an additional £45 PDI charge and we will dispose of the waste packaging. PLUS it will not be subject to the FREE aftercare 6 week service or the FREE labour cover we offer on any warranty work carried out on bicycles we supply within the first year of ownership.
That's it. Simple. Everyone's a winner. We get your business and you get all the benefits of buying local but with online prices.